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Thank you for considering me as your wedding photographer on your big day.

Depending on when you're having your wedding, I offer different prices.

My work is highly customisable, however most of my clients' weddings follow a similar structure.

Throughout your day, I will cover preparations, the ceremony and candid moments.

More than 85% of clients hire me for both photography & film.

- The Full Package (Photography & Film)

- Only Photography

- Only Film

A meeting before the wedding and travel cost (within Europe) are included in all the packages.

What do I deliver?

The Photography

  • Couple’s portrait in a beautiful environment.

  • 200+  high-resolution edited images. 

  • 2-5 edited photographs, delivered the day after, for social media etc.

  • All 1500+ pictures taken during the day (without retouch).

  • A private online gallery that's easy to share with guests & family.


The Film

  • 3 - 5 minute highlight film.

  • Edited to a song of your choice.

  • Documenting the couple, the guests, the surroundings and the story of the day.

  • Aerial drone footage included (weather/location dependent)


  • Delivery time is up to 4 weeks (most clients receive their photographs and film before this).

  • All material is delivered digitally. 

  • Standard working hours are from 13:00 to 21:00. (up to 8h)

Full Wedding Package

A meeting before the wedding and travel cost (within Europe) are included in all the packages.

The Full Package - Photo + Film


The most common package.

I document your big day, up to, 8 hours and deliver:

- More than 200 edited photos

- All the unedited photos taken from your day

- A 3 - 5 min highlights film

and more...

Photography Rates


I capture candid moments. Photos that you will have with you forever. I deliver more than 200 edited photos but I do also deliver all the raw photos (the unedited ones).

Film Rates


I follow you during the day, where I document everything in a moving format.

I cut the movie so it fits the song of your choice that are inbetween 3 - 5 minutes.

This results in a beautiful and emotional video that reminds of your day.

A tip: Find a song before the wedding, so that you receive the film as soon as possible.

Weddig Photography
Wedding Film

Additional Information

I want to deliver a spectacular result and ask that you help me achieve this by arranging a few keys moments with me. As follows;


I'll borrow the couple for a short time so that I can capture them in all of their beauty at Golden Hour.

When the sun has set, they can enjoy the rest of the night with their closest family and friends, as man and wife.

Depending on where and when the wedding is taking place, the time is different. But if you can make it as part of your schedule, I would appreciate it and you will love the results!


Lunch - As it's an long and important day, I kindly ask that a filling lunch is made available to me.

Dinner - I ask for a seat at one of the guest tables.

This allows me to capture candid moments, eat and socialise with the guests, making them feel more comfortable with a camera in the room.

I'm very easy going and have no dietary requirements.


Out of town wedding

If your wedding is in Europe, my travel costs are included in the quotes. In cases where the wedding is outside of Europe, we would come to an agreement, depending on the location.

I'm based between:

- Alicante, Spain

- Barcelona, Spain

- Miami, USA

- Stockholm, Sweden

For weddings that take place within one and a half hours of these cities, I wont need a hotelroom.

For locations futher afield, I kindly ask that my accommodation costs are covered by the couple.

Thank you for considering me as your wedding photographer on your big day.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any queries or thoughts.

Jonathan Emparan


Jonathan Emparan

Wedding Photographer & film maker


Available for destination weddings, worldwide.

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