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"All around outstanding wedding photographer"

- Page & Alejandro

USA / Mexico

My greatest passion lies in capturing meaningful moments as an art form and a medium of creative expression. Years in the field have sharpened my ability to deliver with attention to detail and contemporary techniques. I’m most fulfilled when meeting new people and conveying their wonderful journey through life with the help of my lenses. 

I find inspiration in Love, the most natural and honest human emotion. With each event I love to capture these genuine sentiments and spontaneous instances in candid expression through photo and film. I look to capture the small meaningful details that will be permanent reminders of your wedding day,  which you will look back on years from now in nostalgia and experience the same surge of emotion as you did that very day. 

My aim is to create elegant wedding photography and a cinematic wedding videography while at the same time providing an outstanding customer experience throughout the process. I truly enjoy creating the photos and films as much as you enjoy watching them.

My name is Jonathan Emparan, I make great ceviche,

I have a big love for dogs and I’d be honoured to be part of your special day.


Jonathan Emparan

How it works

"Whether you're planning an intimate family gathering or a 300 guest castle wedding.

Choosing the right photographer is crucial to capturing/honouring your wedding story."

My work is highly customisable, however most of my clients’ weddings follow a certain pattern:


  • Throughout your day, I will cover preparations, ceremony and candid moments.

  • Couple’s portrait in a beautiful environment.

  • 200+  high-resolution edited images. 

  • 2-5 edited photographs, delivered the day after, for social media etc.

  • All 1500+ pictures taken during the day (without retouch).

  • A private online gallery that's easy to share with guests & family.



  • 3 - 5 minute highlight film

  • Edited to a song of your choice

  • Documenting the couple, the guests, the surroundings and the story of the day

  • Aerial drone footage included (weather/location dependent)

More than 85% of clients hire me for both photography & film.

Delivery time is up to 4 weeks during high season (most clients receive their photographs and film before this).

All material is delivered digitally. 

Standard working hours are from 13:00 to 21:00.

Don't hesitate to contact me so I can learn more about you, understanding your vision is key to a successful collaboration.

Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day

Even though my work is highly customisable, however most of my clients’ weddings follow a certain pattern.

The butterflies in the stomach

My day starts mid-morning, around the time when make up and hair is almost done. I start by capturing the moments before the ceremony takes place, whilst the couple and their wedding party are getting ready.


The "I Do!"

During the ceremony, I'll try to be as anonymous and as invisible as I can be to not disturb the beautiful moment that you've been looking forward to for so long.


The emotional dinner.

I normally attend the dinner with other guests, socialising and integrating with the wedding party so that we are sure to capture the really genuine and unexpected moments.


First Look

This is one of the most special moments - when the groom is waiting to see the beautiful bride-to-be in her dress for the first time.
We take these moments to capture photos of the couple, the bridesmaids and the groomsmen too.


Champagne and canapés.

You can’t be everywhere on the day, so that’s what I am there for.

I capture genuine candid moments within the wedding party so that you can look back and treasure them forever.


Golden hour.

The sunset.
I'll borrow the couple for a short time so that I can capture them in all of their beauty at Golden Hour.

When the sun has set, they can enjoy the rest of the night with their closest family and friends, as man and wife.

Profile photo of the wedding photographer Jonathan Emparan

How much does a wedding photographer cost?
Can we hire one person for both photography and videography?

What does couples often forget?

There are a lot of questions when it comes to weddings.
I would be delighted to answer all your questions in search of the right wedding photographer for your wedding with no strings attached.

Get in touch with me on Whatsapp or by email.

I speak fluent Spanish, English and Swedish

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