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Get married in Mallorca, Spain

The Mediterranean Sea is home to Mallorca, usually referred to as Majorca. It is well-known for its breathtaking beaches, charming towns, and delicious cuisine, making it a popular tourist destination and a magical place for a wedding. Five reasons to think about getting married in Mallorca:

  1. Beautiful scenery and weather. Mallorca has a Mediterranean climate, which means it is warm and sunny. This makes it the perfect place for outdoor weddings, whether you choose to say your vows in a verdant garden or on a sandy beach. The island provides plenty of stunning backdrops for your wedding photos.

  2. Wide range of venues. Depending on your tastes and price range, Mallorca offers a variety of venues. You can choose between a contemporary hotel, a castle, or a typical Spanish villa. Beaches and gardens are just a couple of the outside locations that can provide a special and beautiful environment for your wedding.

  3. Delicious food and drink. Mallorca is known for its delicious cuisine, which includes fresh seafood, locally grown produce, and traditional dishes like paella. It is simple to find some delicious food and drink alternatives for your wedding on the island, because it also makes its own wine and has a number of local breweries.

  4. Easy to reach. With frequent flights from important airports, Mallorca is easily accessible from many European cities such as London (Gatwick), Manchester, Stockholm (Arlanda), Amsterdam (Schipol), Zurich and many more.

  5. Modern photographers. Scandinavian photographers often have a modern and trendy approach to their work, which can appeal to couples looking for a contemporary take on their wedding photos. Not only will I bring a fresh perspective as an outsider to the local culture, but I am also experienced in shooting destination weddings all over the world and I am able to adapt to any location. This results in beautiful, high-quality photos that you will treasure for years to come. We are also punctual and reliable. Not only that, I am also fluent in different languages and is especially beneficial when working on a Spanish venue, as I can speak Spanish to the staff and vendors, but also communicate in English with international guests. This allows me to provide a lovely experience for everyone involved.

So.. Do I see you in Mallorca?

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