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What is the difference between a Host couple and a Toastmadame/Toastmaster?

When it comes to planning a wedding reception, it is important to understand the difference between the various roles that are available to help make the day as memorable and trouble-free as possible. One of these roles is a Host couple and the other is a Toastmadame/Toastmaster.

A Host couple is a role that is often performed by a pair who are close friends or relatives of the bride and groom. Their main task is to make sure the guests are happy and comfortable throughout the wedding reception. They help keep the party going, introduce speakers, and entertain the guests. The Host couple is also responsible for making sure everything goes according to plan, including ensuring that there is enough food and drink and that all guests feel welcome.

Toastmaster with a microphone, with people sitting at the wedding dinner tables having a great time listening to him

A Toastmadame/Toastmaster is another role that may be necessary to ensure the wedding reception goes smoothly. This person is responsible for leading the ceremony and the reception, including introducing speakers, keeping time, and making sure everything goes according to plan. The Toastmadame/Toastmaster is also responsible for making sure all guests feel welcome and that no one feels left out.

Bride getting hugged by toastmadame

It is important to keep in mind that both the Host couple and the Toastmadame/Toastmaster have different roles and responsibilities. However, it is NOT necessary to have both present to ensure everything runs smoothly. Some couples prefer to have both roles in one and that works just fine!

The most important thing is for you are able to enjoy your day and feel comfortable that other people take care of the stuff you need to be taken care of.

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